Why Choose " Taste'n'Flavor " ?

Taste `n` Flavor is a new, young and vibrant brand of spice to hit the Indian food sector. However, as a company, Agripure Natural Foods have over 45 years experience in the spice business, originating in the United Kingdom from humble beginnings, our parent company East End Foods PLC has now branched out its expertise to open a new state-of-the-art facility in Pune India, in order to produce the highest quality spices available anywhere. Operating to the highest European standards, we invite you to sample our high quality spices and see why we consider them to be amongst the best on the World! Enjoy...

"No Artifical Colours"

"Superior Aroma"

"No Artifical Preservatives"

"Delicious Taste"

"Premium Quality"

"Highest Purity Levels"

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Experience the best quality masalas

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The New Spice of India... Made to the highest European Standards.